Nowadays, long-distance cycling has become a modern trend around the world. Some people choose cycling for the benefits it brings to our health and consider it a passion or hobby that they share with friends every weekend.

Here are some of Chevaux’s tips to help you get the best experience in cycling, whether you are a novice or a professional.

1. Check the condition of your bike before your planned cycling event.

A bicycle is unquestionably the most important thing for long-distance cycling trips. Similar to motorcycles, bicycles require maintenance. You need to check the screws to determine whether they are tight. Check your chain for rust as well; if necessary, use specialized bicycle oils to help prevent corrosion. Check the condition of your tires for wear or tear and make sure they are inflated to the proper PSI…

2. Maintain proper cycling posture and  technique

There is no “correct cycling posture” that is right for everyone. A good neutral cycling position starts with the head and goes all the way to your feet. Here are some techniques you need to know to make sure you will not drift back into bad habits, especially for long-distance cycling trips:

  • Having both your hands slightly bent gives you the most control. Wearing gloves has the advantages of reducing blisters and adding protection against skin harm in the case of an accident.
  • Neck pain is a common cycling woe. After cycling for a while, you should straighten your arms while maintaining control of the handlebars to improve blood circulation and prevent numbness. You should stop cycling to let the muscles rest.
  • Leaning slightly forward, keep your back straight. As a result, the impact is distributed equally throughout the shoulder and chest regions rather than being centered in the back region.


3. Adjust the saddle to suit your height and posture

Correct saddle adjustment is essential for a comfortable ride, efficient pedaling, and avoiding injury. First, you need to stand close to the bike so that the saddle is parallel to the glutes. After that, you should sit on the saddle and move the saddle until when the foot is put on the bottom pedal (located at 6 o’clock), the knee is bent at an angle of about 140 degrees.

4. Stable breath control

Controlling your breath helps you give your body endurance. Breathe in naturally and slowly three times. As you exhale, kick down six times to let the air out. On each exhale, pull your core muscles toward your spine.


5. Rehydrate your body.

Don’t forget to bring water to keep hydrated. You should expect to drink at least one full water bottle for every hour of riding, and more depending on the weather, your intensity, and what your body needs.

This is a reminder that you need to keep in mind: Drink slowly, take small sips. By drinking water in this manner, the pressure on the stomach wall and other organs like the liver, kidneys, etc. is reduced. Drinking too much water at once will thin the blood and lower the amount of sodium in the body, so be careful not to overdo it.

6. Have a snack before cycling

Everyone has different levels of comfort regarding eating around exercise, so it is important to trial what woks for you. For more effective digestion, it is better to relax for 2 to 4 hours after a large meal and about 30 minutes – 2 hours for a smaller snack such as cereal, porridge, fresh milk or fruit juice…

7. Cycling with your friends


Nothing is more enjoyable than cycling with your friends. Friends will help us have more joy, and chatting helps us forget fatigue. Friends with the same hobby are sometimes also a source of motivation to help us practice every day. When your friends are waiting for you and you all plan to go together, you just cannot let them down, right? Sometimes they are the same ones who support you when you achieve something or who will assist you in finding a solution when you are facing a challenge in life.

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